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IoT Property Technology Smart Building Solution Flow

Environment Monitoring

Temperature and Humidity Detection

Senso8 NB-IoT LORA Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Temperature and Humidity 

Senso8 NB-IoT LORA Temperature Sensor


Senso8 NB-IoT LORA Temperature Sensor Nano S

Temperature and Humidity

(Small form factor)

Water Leakage Detection

Senso8 NB-IoT LORA Water Leakage Sensor

Water Leakage (2-pin)

Pin-point detection

Senso8 NB-IoT LORA Water Leakage Rope Sensor

Water Leakage (Rope type)

Wide area coverage detection

Indoor Air Quality Detection

Senso8 NB-IoT LORA Indoor Air Quality IAQ Sensor

Indoor Air Quality 

(3 versions available for different scenario)

Open and Closed Status Detection

Senso8 NB-IoT LORA Dry Contact Sensor Door Sensor Prescence Sensor

Door Open / Closed 


Power Meter Solution

Senso8 NB-IoT Power Meter Sensor

AC Power Supply Monitoring

Occupancy Detection

螢幕擷取畫面 2021-08-17 115438.jpg

BLE Occupancy Sensor

Proximity Sensor 

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