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As we offer a one-stop Prop-Tech IoT Solution, we strive to minimise the troubles and difficulties of our valuable customers. 

SAPO will take care of every cases from the start to the end without any additional cost.

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Understanding your needs will always be our priority. 

Just tell our product specialist about your concerns and requirement, we will pick you the best comprehensive solution. 



We strive to turn our concepts and suggestions into realistic case and we focus on feasibility.
Site-inspection is the most crucial stage before providing a solution which is perfectly fits to our clients, especially in Prop-Tech IoT Solution.



Rather than only selling our products, we offer a total solution which does not include any extra cost.
Our technical team have a strong experience in deployment, to ensure the full functionality on our sensors.


Aftersales services

Do not worry about the maintenance!  
Our service have got you covered. From hardware checking to battery replacement and remote downlink control of sensors, we will handle that for you and this is the total solution that we offer. 


Our services

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